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Woolies' new twist on $4 classic: "It will fly off shelves"

Woolies' new twist on $4 classic: "It will fly off shelves"

When it comes to Aussie party staples, nothing truly compares to the Woolies mud cake. With regular appearances on birthdays, parties and picnics, Aussies across generations have grown familiar with the classic chocolate treat.

There have been a few variations to the popular cake throughout the years, including caramel, white chocolate and chocolate mint. But this year, Woolworths is introducing a bold new flavour to the mud cake family – and it has sent fans over the moon.

The limited edition Chocolate Orange Mud Cake is set to bring together the supermarket’s signature cake with a zesty orange flavour and bright orange icing drizzle. The special cake comes with a price tag of $4.80.

“We’re excited to continue to deliver delicious new flavours such as the Limited Edition Chocolate Orange Mud Cake,” Woolworths Bakery manager Andy Thomas told

“If the success of our previous Limited Edition Mint Chocolate mud cake is anything to go by, we know this will fly off shelves, so get in quick.”

Shoppers have expressed their delight at the new release on social media. “Oh yum, can’t wait to try it, shame about the diet,” one wrote.

“The cake gods have smiled upon us,” another commented.