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Why you need to double-check bills during COVID pandemic

Why you need to double-check bills during COVID pandemic

Residents are being urged to check their bills after a man found his gas bill had increased dramatically despite no one living at the property.

Barrie Gatus found the gas bill for his apartment in NSW had increased from $200 to more than $2,000.

“I have a unit which is being renovated,” Gatus told 7NEWS.

“It’s an investment unit. Nobody has lived there for over one year.

“Now, out of the blue, I got a bill for over $2000.”

The meter is located inside the building, which means it is likely that the number may have been estimated.

South Sydney MP Ron Hoenig has said he's getting calls from residents complaining that energy providers are using estimates instead of actual readings from the meter.

“What I’m told is that because of the pandemic people aren’t reading meters anymore,” Hoenig said.

“I can’t see how the pandemic’s an excuse.

“After all, water meters and electricity meters are sitting in front of people’s houses.”

He has since urged for residents to double-check their bills.

“Your usage is being estimated.. please check carefully,” Hoenig said.

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