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Why Kmart’s beloved $49 chair has been taken off shelves

Why Kmart’s beloved $49 chair has been taken off shelves

It sent shoppers into a frenzy at the start of the year after a number of lifestyle blogs featured the coveted item.

But according to a Kmart store manager, the $49 Timber Occasional Chair has since been taken off the shelves in New Zealand due to a “potential quality issue” and would no longer be sold in-store or online.

The item is also not available to buy in Australia, with the web page message reading, “This product is no longer available, but rest assured, there are plenty more items to love.”

Speaking to 10daily, a spokesperson from Kmart confirmed the news saying it had been withdrawn “due to a potential safety issue” but didn’t go into detail as to what the problem could be.

“At Kmart we are committed to the quality and safety of all of our products and can confirm the timber occasional chair has been withdrawn due to a potential quality issue,” they said.

“We ask customers with any concerns, to please contact the Kmart customer service team on 1800 124 125.”

The chair quickly gained traction after multiple bloggers featured it on their social media pages. Made of acacia wood and a faux rattan back and base, the chair came as a flat pack with the parts locked together by screws and Allen keys.

The spokesperson for the company told 10daily, “Additional stock of the much loved timber occasional chair will arrive in stores as part of our August Living campaign in the coming weeks.”