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“Utter rubbish”: 60 Minutes' backlash over “major investigation”

“Utter rubbish”: 60 Minutes' backlash over “major investigation”

Channel Nine has received mixed reviews over its report on 60 Minutes that it claimed would “rock the foundations of Australia".

The year-long investigation into the Crown casinos and dived into tens of thousands of leaked emails left many viewers unimpressed. 

The Sunday night current affairs show claim the emails uncover Crown’s links to Chinese crime bosses, drug syndicates, money laundering schemes, communist party figures and alleged sex trafficking rings. 

The promotional video for the episode said the story was so important it “can’t be missed,” and was “set to rock the foundations of Australia”.

However, reactions from viewers were mixed – with many saying they felt the episode had been overhyped. 

“God only knows what goes on casinos all around the world ....its the biggest place , the busiest , the richest , so of course this stuff is gonna go on , not really news .....” one comment read. 

Others felt ABC’s Four Corners ran a similar episode in 2027 called “Crown Confidential” which dived into allegations that the casino had “developed a business model based on luring rich Chinese, known as VIP high rollers, to its casinos … in a country where gambling and promoting gambling are illegal”.

Others came to the show’s defence, many saying the episode uncovered corporate greed in Australia. 

Jacqui Lambie weighed in on the conversation as well, writing: “Dirty money, dirty politics - no excuses anymore - we need a National ICAC and we need it now!”

The investigation by The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes alleges the Crown helped bring criminals into Australia “in a way that raises serious national security concerns” and broke Chinese laws by promoting gambling and paying Chinese sales staff bonuses to lure big gamblers to travel all the way down under.

In a statement to The Age, Crown Resorts denied any breach of Chinese law and added it has not been charged with an offence in China.