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Kate or Meghan: Who is the wealthiest duchess in the royal family?

Kate or Meghan: Who is the wealthiest duchess in the royal family?

 It’s easy to think the Duchess of Sussex would be wealthier than the Duchess of Cambridge considering her long resume in a successful acting career.

Before she tied the knot with Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan made millions playing the role of Rachel Zane on the US TV drama Suits, that was popular in Australia. Upon joining the royal family, she left her beloved role.

In the past, the Duchess of Sussex could be seen sporting designer gear from top to bottom and her long spanning career earned her a net worth of US$7 million.

However, it turns out Kate Middleton may have more independent wealth than Duchess Meghan with a whopping $9 million in a personal fortune.

Even though the Duchess of Cambridge has never had a full-time job, the majority of her wealth comes from her parents’ mail order party business which is worth a whopping $54 million. A sum of wealth is also contributed by her paternal grandfather which was set up before he died.

Wealth-X estimates the royal Duchess has amassed a net worth of $9 million, $2 million more than Duchess Meghan.

Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of Duchess Kate, were wealthy before they started their successful party business, as Kate – along with her siblings Pippa and James – were sent to expensive private schools that cost tens of thousands of pounds each year.

The royal’s parents have also invested in property throughout the Bucklebury area of Berkshire in the UK, and own stakes in racehorses that earn them even more money – money that will one day go on to be received by the Duchess and her siblings.

Both the Duchess’ expenses are all paid for by the palace – from housing, to clothing, travel and other various expenses – and it is reported the Cambridge family rack up a bill that's estimated to be around $5 million a year.

Prince William’s wealth is also pretty hefty with a staggering $19 million following an inheritance after his his mother, Princess Diana, passed away.

Although the Duchess of Cambridge has never had a full-time job, she did work for her parents' business taking photos for party paraphernalia and editing catalogues in her youth. She was also an assistant accessories buyer for a clothing chain Jigsaw.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint how much money each Duchess has earned throughout their years before marrying into the royal family, it is safe to assume both would be set for life without their titles.