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Tue, 11 Sep, 2018Basmah Qazi

Hairdresser’s warning over popular hair product sold at Woolworths

Hairdresser’s warning over popular hair product sold at Woolworths

A Queensland hairdresser has slammed a major supermarket over its knowledge of the hair products it stocks in store.

According to Marie Nieuwoudt, a North Lakes hairdresser, “professional use” products are currently being sold at Woolworths and are putting customers at risk because staff are unable to provide the right advice on how to use them.

Ms Nieuwoudt has been a hairdresser for 30 years.

“We train for years to have that insight, to know how to use these chemicals,” she said.

Ms Nieuwoudt was outraged that professional haircare brand Sol-fine is being sold on supermarket shelves.

She was surprised when she stumbled upon the products at the Woolworths North Lakes store last week.

Ms Nieuwoudt claims that there was not one single staff member who could properly instruct her on how to use the product, labelled “professional use only.”

Unlike other hair dyes on the market, this one must be carefully mixed according to a specific ratio.

Ms Nieuwoudt said that those suffering from conditions such as psoriasis can have an adverse reaction to the ingredients.

The product is also available online and from other retailers.

The product distributor says that the hair dye should be displayed on a separate stand which provides more information on the hair colour.

The box contains a leaflet, instructing consumers on how to use the product, including mixing methods and timing.

“My question to Woolworths is, how are you protecting your customers?” Ms Nieuwoudt said.

In a statement to 7 News, Woolworths said it treats the concerns and wellbeing of their customers very seriously.

According to the supermarket giant, the product complies with all hair dye regulations in Australia.

They added that Woolworths North Lakes would be receiving a product display stand shortly.