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Get it while you can! ALDI brings back sold out $6 item

Get it while you can! ALDI brings back sold out $6 item

All over Australia, ALDI fans can once again rejoice as their beloved item is finally back on the shelves.

ALDI customers have spotted the German grocery store’s Le Pave cheese back on the shelves after they were discontinued last year.

The dairy item was so popular with customers, it caused a surge in popularity that led to the product being sold out nationwide.

However, the creamy and delicious cheese is back on sale again, hopefully for good.  

One Instagram page, ALDI Lovers Australia took to social media to share the exciting news that the highly sought after cheese had been spotted “back on shelves” in a store in Cockburn Gateways, WA.

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A post shared by Tammy - Aldi Lovers Australia (@aldiloversau) on May 17, 2019 at 9:11pm PDT

“STOP THE PRESS. Stalk the cheese fridge. Because look what’s coming back on the shelves,” the caption read.

Fans all over rejoiced over the return, one writing: ““Bought five on Thursday. Best day ever.”

“OMG!!! SHUT THE SHOP! This is IT!!! THE cheese we want is BACK BABY!!! Woo Hoo! I’ll buy some ASAP,” another delighted fan commented.

In July 2018, the French cheese caused such a frenzy, the item was sold out across the country.

An ALDI spokesperson told the beloved dairy product was brought back after huge demand.

“Due to fantastic customer feedback and high demand, we’re pleased to confirm that our Le Pave cheese is back on shelves and is now available at your local ALDI store, nationwide,” the spokesperson said.

“Crafted in the heart of France, Le Pave cheese ($5.99) is the perfect addition to any cheese board or paired with one of our award-winning wines.”