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Cult classic is back! The $10 ALDI product causing a frenzy

Cult classic is back! The $10 ALDI product causing a frenzy

ALDI is bringing back a cult classic – and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it already, you may want to grab it before it sells out again.

The German supermarket is bringing back to the shelves its incredibly aesthetically pleasing $9.99 salt and pepper grinders.

The best thing about these handy kitchen gadgets is they are battery powered (with batteries included) and have a unique bottle shaped design, meaning your counters and dining tables won’t have salt or pepper dust and chunks everywhere.

What makes the grinders even better is the “crushing” mechanism used to sprinkle the salt and pepper evenly and lightly is automatically activated once the gadget is flipped upside down – meaning it's easier than what we may be used to.

The grinders come in a range of colours including black, white, light blue, navy, teal and plum, and may be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

The $9.99 salt and pepper combo are a dupe for the Menu $139 non-electric set.

The handy kitchen gadgets sold out instantly when they were initially released last year, leaving many ALDI fans disappointed.

This set is part of the ALDI Special Buys range set to be released on July 10 alongside the chic luxurious homewares sale that includes luxurious French linen from just $89.