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"Completely put me off": Woman finds sharp object in popular yoghurt sold at Woolies

"Completely put me off": Woman finds sharp object in popular yoghurt sold at Woolies

A Melbourne woman has reported finding a sharp foreign object in a yoghurt she had bought at Woolworths.

Sheridan Tomkinson was enjoying her breakfast this morning when she felt something strange in her mouthful of yoghurt.

“As I started eating this at my desk at work, I felt something unusual in my mouth and it’s a f***ing piece of metal,” she wrote on the supermarket’s Facebook page alongside a picture of the strange object.

“Suffering a major toothache at the moment with my wisdom teeth, and chewing on this thing made it feel worse.

“Good one Woolworths and Chobani, I was really enjoying my yoghurt until this completely put me off.”

Other social media users expressed their disgust and encouraged Tomkinson to lodge a complaint. 

“Make sure you put a big complaint in that’s terrible imagine [if] it was a little child,” one wrote.

“Not buying [C]hobanis anymore,” another added.

Woolworths responded to the post, commenting: “We’re very concerned to see this. Thank you for letting us know your details. Our team will be in contact with you today.”

The supermarket giant told news.com.au that it had communicated the issue to Chobani. 

“The details have been reported to the supplier who makes the product, and we stand ready to assist them as they investigate the matter,” the Woolworths spokesperson said.

“We’re not aware of any other reports of a similar nature about this product at this time.”

Chobani has not commented on the matter.