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Barnaby Joyce under fire after spending $6000 of taxpayers' money on family trip

Barnaby Joyce under fire after spending $6000 of taxpayers' money on family trip

The MP Barnaby Joyce took his partner Vikki Campion and son to travel to Western Australia for a forum supporting live sheep exports, spending over $6000 of taxpayers' money.

Mr Joyce said in defence of bringing his partner and son Sebastian, the claim was allowed under MP entitlements.

The event was organised by the WA Farmers Federation and was held in July of 2018, The Australian reported.

“I would not have gone if I was not invited,” he said.

The lobby groups were torn on whether the MP should be invited to the WA farmers conference, but an invitation had already been sent before a decision had been made.

Mr Joyce billed up to $6000 of expenses for him, his partner Vikki Campion and his son last year for the Western Australia sheep export forum: $806 went towards two nights’ accommodation, $4880 for flights and $300 went towards car travel.

Tony York, the WA Farmers Federation president said there was a discussion on deciding whether Joyce should be asked to speak at the forum.

“There was a discussion about whether he should be invited or not and he did get an informal invitation from some of our members,” Mr York said.

“…It was not a good reflection on the organisation but Barnaby was pressing to come and he had been talking to some of our members and making himself available and took advantage of the invitation.”

Barnaby Joyce was the national leader and deputy prime minister but was pushed to resign from both positions after it was discovered he’d had an affair with his former media advisor and current partner, Vikki Campion.