TV show Neighbours disgraced as alleged claims of racism leave set

TV show Neighbours disgraced as alleged claims of racism leave set

Neighbours star Shareena Clanton has slammed Neighbours and its production company for its "non-response" claims to racism on set.

Clanton has revealed she has "evidence and documentation" to support the claims announced yesterday.

She shared on Instagram saying that she has "clear documentation" of complaints she made to the show's HR department as well as incidents where other actors used the "N-word".

Clanton also has evidence of another senior staff member calling himself a "slave-driver" in reference to their working relationship.

Her condemnation comes after a second Neighbours star revealed racist incidents they experienced onset from 2014 to 2016.

Clanton was furious about Fremantle Media's response, saying it was a "non-response" on Instagram.

"The non-response from Fremantle Media held no accountability/action/remorse/reform," she said.

“I did not “make up”/“allege” anything. These events happened. I have evidence and documentation that confirm the truth of these racist comments and ongoing disrespectful/inappropriate behaviours/crass comments on @neighbours.

“I have no qualms critiquing such power structures. What do I have to gain here by speaking truth to one of the most powerful and multi-million dollar global production houses like Fremantle Media? I’m the one at risk of being blacklisted,” she pointed out.

Meyne Wyatt played Nate Kinski and tweeted that the industry "needs to do better".

He mentioned a specific incident during his time on the show where the "c-word" was used.

“It involved the C word and I called it out and it didn’t happen around me again,” he said, but he added that he walked in on it, “so I have no doubt things were being said behind my back”.

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Wyatt was the first Indigenous series regular after 30 years of Australia's best-known TV show and that racist attitudes were "prevalent throughout the industry".

“I don’t see a lot of Indigenous actors on the show or on any prime time Television series, whether it be Neighbours, Home and Away, anything on Channel 7, 9 or Ten for that matter,” he added. “Stan and Netflix take note!”

“The comments and jokes and innuendos were ridiculous!” he wrote. “It made for a very unsafe environment for anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community and the s*** needs to be stamped out. Racism and Homophobia needs an active and present force behind it to be driven out! Neighbours do better! The Film and TV Industry do better! Australia do better!”