Basmah Qazi

Scam alert: Disturbing fake "emergency" text message doing the rounds

 Scam alert: Disturbing fake "emergency" text message doing the rounds

An unusual text message scam is circulating, making those on the receiving end to feel extremely unsettled.

A number of people have reported the text message which is sent from an unknown number asking for help during an emergency situation.

The message says: “Please call me back right away. It is an emergency. I need your help!”

ScamWatch has revealed that when the number is called, they hear a strange recording.

The recording includes multiple voices saying phrases such as “hello” and “are you OK?” but it doesn’t take long for the voice message to turn into verbal abuse and curse words.

“This is a new and emerging issue,” said ScamWatch in a statement.

“While people have not yet reported losing money as a result of these calls, you may find the content of the recording distressing.”

They have strongly advised to not respond to the message.

Also issuing a warning was the Richmond Police District after a resident from Ballina reported the scam.

The resident told authorities that the message, which was laden with swearing and abuse, went on for “well over five minutes”.

“It would appear the recording is of reactions to the message when no one answers,” the Facebook post reads.

With no profit gained from the scam, police believe those behind the con are collecting mobile phone numbers.

If you receive this text message, it is strongly advised that you do not reply and to block the number. 

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