Room where a disabled woman sat in a chair for "12 months" revealed

Room where a disabled woman sat in a chair for "12 months" revealed

The room where disabled woman Ann Marie Smith police allege was slowly left to die has been seen for the first time.

Detectives are now appealing for public help as Ann's friends are in shock and "regret".

Police believe that Ann had been living in the same chair for 12 months.

"The state of the house when police arrived, the state of Ann when she was taken to hospital, it was obvious that she'd been neglected," Detective Senior Sergeant Phil Neagle said to 9news.

Ann had cerebral palsy and died at the age of 54 after being rushed to hospital semi-conscious.

One of Ann's oldest friends is among those who are helping police piece together her life.

"She was always my friends, (although) I hadn't spoken to her," she said.

"That's been the hardest part, I just feel so guilty, you always think what if?"

"She was loved and it hurts to hear comments, (like) where were her family and friends, and you do have friends that you don't see all the time," she said.

Friends say Ann rarely left her home in recent years but was in regular contact with them via social media and text messages.

Ann's carer Rosemary Maione is now at the centre of the police investigation.

Rosemary was employed by Integrity Care SA, but has since been sacked.

"We're examining the level of care provided by the carer as well as by the care provider," Senior Sergeant Neagle said.

Detectives are also investigating missing jewellery and money as well as the alleged misuse of Ann's car.

Photo credits: 9news