Man's creative means of evading child support divides the internet

Man's creative means of evading child support divides the internet

A man has sent the Internet into a frenzy after he revealed the bizarre plan he carried out to avoid paying child support.

The husband claims he felt forced to take drastic measures after learning about his wife’s dark secret.

Taking to reddit, the author shared he was happily married to his ex-wife for 12 years.

Sadly the US couple’s marriage crumbled when he found out their daughter they shared was not in fact his.

Despite the revelation, a court order decided that he must still pay $AUD700-a-month in child support because he had helped raise the child.

However, despite the court ruling, he shared he made a plan to avoid paying child support altogether.

“I was married to my ex for 12 years,” he began.

“I thought we had a great relationship however that was proven to be a lie when I found out our child wasn’t actually mine. The child was a little under one year old when I found out.

“The little girl was diagnosed with an inherited genetic disease that my wife nor I had, so after a genetic test I was told I wasn’t the father.

“I left her almost immediately and wished her the best with her life and hoped her daughter would do well.

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The man went on to share that a court case did not rule in his favour.

“During the beginning of the divorce I was served with a summons for a child support case,” he said.

“My lawyer told me since I acted as the father for a fair amount of time I shouldn’t be shocked if I’m ordered to pay.

“Long story short, the real father wasn’t found and I was ordered to pay. She smiled pretty big after the hearing and I was upset admittedly so I told her I’d send her a check before garnishment kicked in.

“I wanted to fight but I wasn’t worried. I had a good back-up plan.”

He enacted his plan almost immediately.

“I liquidated all my assets pretty quickly,” he explained.

“Took a loss on some things but hey, I’m still young. Called my parents and they got my room ready and I moved back home in my home country.

“I sent my ex a picture of me smiling back home and told her best of luck. I’ve gotten a few calls and letter regarding the support but they get blocked or tossed in the trash.

“I don’t think I’m [in the wrong] here. I didn’t cheat and she’s not my child.

“Some people argue about the bond, but I can’t say I had a strong one considering I was ready to walk the second I heard about what was up.”

Reddit users weighed in on the matter, with some saying the father was in the wrong for abandoning the child.

“I feel for the child, who is not only sick but has now lost the only father she’s ever known,” said one.

“The fact that you’re able to walk away so easily probably means she’ll be better off without you. Both you and your ex are horrible people.”

“I feel sorry for the child. She deserves better,” another person said.

However, the author did have a few defenders who firmly believed his ex-wife was completely in the wrong.

“She knew damn well the kid wasn’t yours and still had the audacity to go to court for child support,” one person wrote.

“Good on you for leaving it all behind. She made her bed with her actions and lies, she can now lie in it,

“You are in no way obligated to pay up for a kid that’s not yours, I doubt anyone in your position would’ve still stuck around.”

Another commented: “Don’t let this person trap you for 17 years. In my opinion, you have no moral obligation to this child or the mother, law be damned.”