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Man charged over drowning dog finds home vandalised

Man charged over drowning dog finds home vandalised

Image: 7NEWS

A man who was granted bail over alleged animal cruelty acts has returned home to find his property vandalised.

Shannon de Waard, 49, appeared in front of Sutherland Local Court on Tuesday charged over the death of his German shepherd, Harry.

The dog was found dead in Yowie Bay wharf over the weekend by a group of friends.

“I wasn’t sure what it was at first, it actually really shocked me,” Troy Loftus told 7NEWS.

Allegedly, a dog was found with a cement block attached to him. De Waard is alleged to have told police Harry was staying at a friend’s house.

The prosecution on Tuesday cast doubt on this, alleging there was evidence found on the dog’s body that was also discovered at De Waard’s home.

The 49-year-old has pleaded not guilty to several charges, including animal cruelty offences.

He was on Tuesday granted bail, with the magistrate saying he must be afforded the right of innocence until proven guilty.

Upon returning home he discovered his property had been graffitied with the words “dog killer” and nails embedded into his car tyres.

If de Waard is found guilty of the charges he faces up to five years behind bars.

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