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Bombshell suggestion for Lyn Dawson’s killer – the person Chris Dawson's family think did it

Bombshell suggestion for Lyn Dawson’s killer – the person Chris Dawson's family think did it

Chris Dawson’s family have made an explosive accusation against serial killer Ivan Milat as they allege he is the one who killed Lyn Dawson.

According to 7 News, Chris’ family believe she may have been murdered by Milat. The suggestion comes after they previously claimed that she ran away from home in 1982

“Milat … is alleged to have killed several women around the same time and in an area Lyn was seen,” said Chris’ brother Peter Dawson to 7 News in a written statement.

Peter believes there could be a possibility of Ms Dawson coming face-to-face with the murderer as Milat’s victims were hitchhikers and “Lyn didn’t drive”.

Peter went on to send a list of names that fell victim to Milat’s heinous crimes to 7 News and said there was a possibility of Ms Dawson being one of them.

Chris did not apply for bail on Thursday when he appeared in court, a plea that was also formally refused.

The former football player will have the opportunity to apply for bail when he visits court on Friday.

His legal team have revealed that he will be pleading not guilty.

But according to the man who led the Milat investigation, former assistant police commissioner Clive Small says the events that led to Ms Dawson’s disappearance did not fit Milat’s case.

“I would suggest (the chance is) very much next to zero,” he told 7 News.

Mr Small said Milat had an eery habit of collecting souvenirs from his victims, but there were none from Ms Dawson.

The murders committed by Milat all occurred within four years – between 1989 and 1993 – and the country was left at a standstill after the discovery of his victims.

Seven people had mysteriously disappeared and their bodies, which had either been shot or strangled, were discovered in Belanglo State Forest in NSW.

Chris is yet to accept the charges made against him, as he claims he is innocent. According to the father-of-three, Ms Dawson had voluntarily left their Bayview family home in Sydney’s north, to join a religious cult.