Thu, 30 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Beware: Social media scammers using golfer Jarrod Lyle’s death to make money

Beware: Social media scammers using golfer Jarrod Lyle’s death to make money

Jarrod Lyle’s widow has been forced to interrupt her mourning, so she can warn fans to beware of fake fundraising pages that have been set up by scammers.

The 36-year-old golfer made the heartbreaking decision to move into palliative care earlier this month, after battling myeloid leukaemia since last year.

Lyle passed away 10 days later in Torquay, Victoria, surrounded by friends and family.  

Instead of being able to grieve during this devastating time, Lyle’s wife Briony has been forced to deal with scammers taking advantage of well-meaning fans and supporters. 

“Yet another Insta account has appeared to take advantage of Jarrod’s death,” Briony said.

“I apologise for the nuisance.”

The con-artists have set up various fake Instagram accounts, where they have been encouraging unsuspecting people to donate to the grieving family. 

“It’s absolutely disgusting what they’re doing to take advantage of a family who are grieving and innocent people who think they’re supporting them,” scam victim Meegan Malouf said.

“I was pretty upset that someone would use the name of a charity, especially [so] soon after the passing of Jarrod Lyle,” Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commissioner Dr Gary Johns said.

Dr Johns urged anyone who has been targeted by this scam to keep a record of all conversations and to report the accounts to Instagram, so they can be shut down.

“The message is, if you’re unsure, come onto our website and check if it’s a registered charity,” Dr Johns said.

“If you want to donate, go to the charity’s website, it’s much safer.”