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The moment you missed on The Block: Judge Shaynna Blaze's heated showdown with Sara

The moment you missed on The Block: Judge Shaynna Blaze's heated showdown with Sara

Infamous The Block contestant Sara has ignited a war with judge and interior design veteran Shaynna Blaze, causing tension between the pair in last night’s episode.

Blaze offered Sara and her husband Hayden a design mentoring session after the couple came last for the third consecutive week – the offer, while accepted, caused Sara to throw a bit of a tantrum.

“There’s only so much as a human – any human – you’d be able to take,” Sara said of their negative feedback.

Before meeting with Blaze, Sara said she was filled with “dread. Dread, dread, dread, dread, dread” as she prepared for her session with the experienced judge.

While the interaction started off as civil, with Shaynna going through each room that had been previously judged and providing constructive criticism and tips, Sara was not appreciating the invaluable feedback.

The tips, which included how to nail this week's Master Bedroom challenge, was something that the other contestants were envious of, as they would have loved to learn first-hand from the expert and mogul herself.

But with Sara not being open to the critique, and Shaynna stepping foot inside the contestant's $75,000, last-placing bathroom, the interior designer’s patience started to wear thin.

“But, I guess it’s all open for interpretation," said Hayden to the designer after hearing her feedback, causing tension amongst the three.

Shaynna: “What’s your career?”

Hayden: “Project manager in construction.”

Shaynna: “Right. And yours?”

Sara: “Flight attendant.”

Shaynna: “So how are you meant to know what I’ve done for 30 years? Just putting it out there. That’s why I’m here.”

Shaynna then proceeded to advise the pair on different aspects of designing a master bedroom, touching on elements such as wall colourings, bedside tables, the lot.

But Sara wasn’t having it.

“It was … good advice. Whether or not she likes it is a whole other kettle of fish. I just can’t be bothered with high hopes again," said Shaynna.

“I actually don’t know if they really listened. They think they’ve got the direction absolutely perfect.”

Viewers at home took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations as many believed that the couple did not deserve to be mentored by the judge as they seemed less than grateful.

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