Wed, 7 Nov, 2018Danielle McCarthy

The awkward moment on Today show: Pauline Hanson snaps at Karl Stefanovic

The awkward moment on Today show: Pauline Hanson snaps at Karl Stefanovic

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has snapped at Karl Stefanovic during a live cross on the Today show after the host asked if she would be able to keep the party’s newest recruit, Mark Latham, in line.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham will run as One Nation’s lead upper house candidate at next year’s New South Wales state election, despite his previous bad blood with Hanson.

Latham publicly mocked Hanson 15 years ago for her jail sentence for electoral fraud, which was later overturned on appeal.

During the Channel Nine interview, Stefanovic irritated Hanson after repeatedly asking her if she would be able to control the outspoken recruit, who led Labor to defeat at the 2004 federal election.

“Look, um, I don’t know why you keep going back to keeping him in line,” she said on Wednesday morning.

“This is why I wanted Mark on board, because of his knowledge, because of his experience, and no one can knock him. 

“He was Labor Party Opposition leader in the federal Parliament.”

One Nation hasn’t won a seat in the NSW Parliament since 1999, when Senator Hanson’s former advisor David Oldfield was elected for an eight-year term to the Legislative Council.

Mr Latham said he wants to be in the NSW Parliament to advocate for better urban planning.

“The number one issue in Sydney is overpopulation, over development, the city becoming unliveable and dysfunctional,” he told the Nine Network.

“And at state level, better planning to make sure we don't have over development, that we have an end to urban sprawl, rows of apartment towers clogging up our city.

“That's not the Sydney way, it's not the Australian way.”

Mr Latham first sparked speculation that he was joining One Nation earlier this year after he quit Senator David Leyonhjelm's libertarian Liberal Democrats and recorded robocalls for Hanson’s party ahead of the August federal by-election in Longman, Brisbane.

Since quitting federal Parliament in 2005, Latham has openly criticised Labor’s left-wing identity, political correctness and high rates of immigration.

During the late 1980s, Latham worked at NSW Parliament House as an adviser to then Labor Opposition leader Bob Carr.

Last year, Latham was sacked from Sky News for asking on air if a Sydney schoolboy, who made an International Women’s Day video, was gay.

In 2015, he was dismissed as a columnist for the Australian Financial Review after making a controversial comment about former Aussie of the year, Rosie Batty, whose 11-year-old son Luke was murdered by his father.