"Stop It!": Nat Barr shuts down Kyle on live TV

"Stop It!": Nat Barr shuts down Kyle on live TV

Sunrise host Nat Barr told off Kyle Sandilands during his appearance on the breakfast show this morning.

Making a guest appearance on the show to celebrate his radio show with Jackie ‘O’ Henderson claiming the title of Sydney’s number one breakfast show in ratings for the first time, the controversial shock jock got a strong reaction when he started joking about Nat’s husband.

After chatting about their latest success, Kyle pulled out a copy of Nat Barr’s cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly to show her.

“Look what I’m reading Nat,” he said, with Nat replying, “that’s so nice Kyle!”.

Kyle then went on to compliment Nat on her sons.

“These are good looking boys,” he said.

“Just by looking at the photos, I can tell what a great mum you are. Those kids, they look at you with adoring eyes. I admire that.”

After Nat admitted the photoshoot was a bit “scary” as they had never done anything like that before, Kyle asked why her husband wasn’t included.

“Where’s your husband? How come he’s been kept out?” the 50-year-old asked.

“He won’t do anything,” Nat said. “He hates publicity … He’s got his own life and his own job. He’s like, yeah, leave that to you.”

Nat has been married to her husband, Andrew Thompson, who is an Oscar-nominated film editor, since 1995.

“I think press media should track down what Nat’s husband’s doing,” Kyle quipped. “Let’s do a whole exposé on a day in the life of Nat’s husband.”

Nat went from laughing as she had throughout the segment, to raising her finger and giving the radio host a strict warning.

“Kyle, I’m going to go all mum on you,” she said. “Stop it.”

Earlier in the show, Kyle had explained why he thinks he and Jackie have been performing so well lately.

“We’ve been doing radio a bit different to everyone else,” he said. “Everyone else has the same rule: Speak for three minutes, have a little laugh at the end and play the ad break.

“We’ve changed it. We talk for 20 minutes about something, because you can’t always get a good conversation in in three minutes.”

Kyle also mentioned that the breadth of voices on their show helps.

“We don’t just have the man and the girl, we have the full ensemble of all the other cast - the newsreader, all the producers, it’s like an episode of Seinfeld.”

Image: Channel 7

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