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“So disappointed right now”: Manu Feildel blasts MKR villains after epic cooking fail

“So disappointed right now”: Manu Feildel blasts MKR villains after epic cooking fail

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel lashed out on this season’s controversial contestants after they failed to cook up a dish worth serving on Sunday night’s episode.

Josh and Austin, titled as “NSW Home Schooled Brothers” have proved to be this season’s villains after their less-than-favourable comments towards other contestants.

After mocking their rivals over their appearance and cooking, people expected the two to whip up a dish worth a Michelin star.

The menu included clam chowder with homemade bread for entrée, chicken lollipops with garlic mash for main and lemon curd domes for dessert.

“I think we’re definitely a massive threat to a lot of people,” said Austin at the beginning of the episode. That claim was proven wrong.

The entrée was not what anyone expected, with Pete Evans saying, “I’m really struggling to find anything that I like about this dish”.

The main was supposed to be the redeeming dish for the brothers, but after making their guests wait for four hours due to trouble in the kitchen, Manu decided to unleash on the pair.

“I’m so disappointed right now,” Manu said. “You’ve been sitting around this table treating people … telling them their food’s terrible and you’re not even capable of coming back with the goods.”

Austin managed to make the situation worse by giving the judge a confused look.

“Don’t look at me like this!” Manu snapped.

“We never said that we were amazing chefs,” Austin shot back.

“You should not use the word ‘chef’,” responded Manu.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Austin then said: “It’s a little annoying that you question our integrity when critiquing food when all you guys have ever asked for is honesty.”

“Well, let me be honest with you. This is ridiculous,” said Manu. “I’ve never expressed myself like this in 10 years!”

After the feud, Pete sent the boys back into the kitchen, warning them to deliver a perfect dessert.

“And not in two hours otherwise I’m going home,” threatened Manu.

Thankfully, Josh and Austin’s lemon curd dome was the redeeming factor of the night.

“Best dish of the night, but not perfect either,” said Manu.

Unsurprisingly, the NSW brothers were pushed right down to the bottom of the leader board after receiving a mere 31 points out of a possible 130.

They will now verse Karito and Ian to save their spot in the show. 

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