Samantha Armytage slams "infuriating" TV stunt

Samantha Armytage slams "infuriating" TV stunt

Samantha Armytage was left unimpressed on Tuesday morning when a Sunrise reporter's live cross from Brisbane was taken over by a group of "zombies" protesting climate change outside of Queensland parliament.

Queensland correspondent Bianca Stone was covering the climate change protest when zombies, who are part of the group Extinction Rebellion, began to interrupt her cross.

"Basically what these guys are trying to show is that they are the zombies of the future coming back to warn the politicians about the climate change crisis," Bianca told the unimpressed Sunrise team in Sydney.

"They say this will be a peaceful protest, except for this zombie that is knawing my arm right now," the reporter joked.

Natalie Barr asked Natalie if she wanted to interview a zombie while she was there, but the zombie didn't have many words.

"Can we not?" Sam said as the zombie began talking. "Can we not waste time with this?"

As Bianca finished her cross, Natalie said, "Thanks, we'll move on, shall we? That was so weird!"

"It’s so infuriating, they’re so annoying, I wish we wouldn’t give them airtime," Sam added as the group laughed at the very strange scenes they just witnessed.

Social media users were similarly unimpressed, with one user writing, "I have no idea how they think that the Government would take them seriously about climate change with this behaviour..."

"[Extinction Rebellion] isn’t doing themselves or the cause much good with stunts like this," another added.

"Don’t these goobers have a job to go to?" someone else questioned.

Peter Ford joked, "The joy of doing a live cross with over-excited talent!"

Some, however, thought it was great, with another adding, "Australia needs more of this. Our politicians are completely asleep at the wheel."