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My Kitchen Rules winners crowned after shock twist

My Kitchen Rules winners crowned after shock twist

The 2019 season of My Kitchen Rules has finally wrapped up, with the crown going to an unexpected pair of contestants.

Matt and Luke have been named the champion of this year’s MKR, taking home the $250,000 prize in the grand final showdown.

The friends from Newcastle in NSW defeated Ibby and Romel with their five-course menu, which received 92 out of 100 points from the 10 judges.

Despite the early hiccup with their underwhelming duck ravioli, Matt and Luke turned the game around with their beef cheek with parsnip mash and peach bellini panna cotta.

“That beef cheek was superb but you really brought it home with the dessert, divine,” praised judge Karen Martini.

“Ibby and Romel have certainly been considered front runners for this competition,” admitted Luke. 

“I think many teams thought that Matt and I would be a team that would just fall by the wayside at some point, but we’ve just kept on chugging along in our own little way, doing our own thing and... Bang, here we are.”

Luke said he and his friend plan to use the prize money to fund their personal projects. 

“Matt and I, we’re currently trying to work together on a few ideas we’ve had,” he told New Idea.

“We are keen to stick with our passions and see if we can integrate food into the things that we love to do already. Matt works in social work and I’m a teacher, so we’re hoping to integrate food and education in a way that can benefit young people.”

Runners-up Ibby and Romel congratulated the winning pair in an Instagram post. 

“What a crazy ride that was... we all had our journey going in to the competition, and this was certainly yours,” they wrote.

“We wish you both the best.”

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