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MKR's Veronica reveals: The truth about Piper and Victor's secret romance

MKR's Veronica reveals: The truth about Piper and Victor's secret romance

Last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules confirmed that rival teammates Piper and Victor are in a secret relationship.

The stunning reveal was made by Piper’s teammate, Veronica, who explained the situation:

"When I'm there nothing is said. But look, when she f****** leaves at nighttime and goes into his bed, I don't know what the f*** is said," she revealed to a shocked table.

Tonight’s episode is looking to be interesting, with the table of contestants interrogating Piper on her relationship.

Ibby and Romel have gone as far as to say that it’s “collusion” and that it’s not right.

Veronica explained to Now to Love why she decided to reveal the relationship.

"We were doing I don't know how many hours but we were getting up at like five in the morning and then filming until 3.30 the next day and then doing interviews, it was full on."

However, the reveal wasn’t a shock to anyone who was sitting at the table, despite their faces on camera.

"Obviously they've shown it like nobody knows what's going on but behind the scenes everyone knew what was going on so it was no surprise," Veronica admitted.

She also explained her frustration at Victor just walking off.

"They didn't show the whole conversation, it's just showing me saying, 'I don't know what happened when they go off,' but the conversation is more so that Piper is getting hammered, hammered, hammered.

“Victor's good enough to be with her behind the scenes but when it comes to the table, he just walks off the table and washes his hands, so that's where my frustration is coming from."

"I was getting so over it, at that point I just lost it. Through the show I just hold my ground, I'm pretty good but it got to a point where you're tired, you've had enough and Romel, Josh and Austin just wouldn't let it go, they just kept going on and on and on. It was just so frustrating."

Veronica also explained that things are very intense behind the scenes. Piper was dealing with her own personal issues and had confided to some people on the table that she had separated from her husband before MKR started filming.

"Everybody knew what was going on and that's where I became a little bit frustrated with Piper as well.

“I did say to her, 'You've got to keep your business to yourself because you don't know who to trust at the end of the day,' and it worked against her in the end."

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