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Lisa Wilkinson’s cheeky swipe at Karl Stefanovic

Lisa Wilkinson’s cheeky swipe at Karl Stefanovic

Lisa Wilkinson has said that she’s sick of carrying Karl.

By this, she means her handbag-sized chihuahua.

In a skit on Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway that’s set to air this Sunday night, The Project star Lisa Wilkinson is looking for a dog walker to look after Karl.

However, she’s at the mercy of hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris, who feed her the lines she has to say during the dog walker interview process. 

“Do you promise to say and do everything we tell you?” Brown asks Wilkinson.

“I don’t think I have any choice at this point,” The Project host replies.

Wilkinson introduces her dog to the prospective dog walker interviewee before adding the reason behind her nickname for the dog.

“I also nickname him Karl, because I carried him for years as well,” Wilkinson says.

It’s not the first time Wilkinson has jokingly burned Stefanovic. The pair worked together on the Today show for over 10 years, so there’s bound to be a lot of playful banter in the future.

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During a Twitter discussion in what it took to be nominated for a Logie, Wilkinson quickly replied:

“You’re missing the point, the lot of you. If you really want the Gold, just drink ALOT, then come on air with me, tell me how beautiful I am, and I’ll nurse you through it all. It’s worked before.”

This is in reference to Stefanovic’s infamous 2009 post-Logie appearance on Today.

Stefanovic has been keeping a low profile since he was axed from Today last December. This was following audience backlash to his extravagant wedding to Jasmine Yarbrough.

Stefanovic’s only confirmed project for 2019 so far is This Time Next Year.

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