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Denise Drysdale causes shockwaves with derogatory comment on Studio 10

Denise Drysdale causes shockwaves with derogatory comment on Studio 10

Denise Drysdale has made a particularly unsavoury comment about one of the world’s most famous singers, calling her a “s**t” on a live broadcast of Studio 10.

In Thursday morning’s episode of the morning breakfast show, Drysdale made it apparent she wasn’t all that much of a fan of Madonna during a segment hosted by Angela Bishop.

The entertainment story on the world-famous celeb didn’t seem to take to the morning co-host who said: “I think she’s a s**t.

“There we go, I’ve said it," Drysdale remarked. 

While the other co-hosts sat there stunned, Drysdale attempted to justify her comment by adding: “There’s things that she’s done over the years when she was younger. Some video tapes, sex, lies and videotapes or something like that, absolutely disgusting.”

Although Drysdale says she does not regret making the comments, she admitted she should have said “s****ish” instead.

“I don’t care, you can do Instagram, you can put it on your bloody Facebook … I don’t care,” she said.

This is not the first time the 70-year-old has received criticism. Last year the Studio 10 host confirmed she had thrown Brussels sprouts at her then work-mate Ita Buttrose while filming a Christmas segment at the Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney.

“I was in a jovial mood,” Drysdale explained to the Herald Sun.

“The Christmas party was that night and I could not go, so I had a couple of glasses of champagne ­towards the end of the day and I threw the Brussels sprout and I shouldn’t have.

“I rang Ita for Christmas; we talk, we all get along. I did the wrong thing, it was totally my fault, I am sorry it happened,” she said.

Former executive producer for the Channel 10 morning breakfast show Rob McKnight opened up about the incident on his podcast, TV Blackbox, where he described Buttrose as a “victim".

“There is something about all this that has really upset me,” he said in August last year, according to TV Tonight

“I know the Brussels sprouts incident is a joke to everyone.

“Ita Buttrose was assaulted at that shoot. It wasn’t a Christmas party, it was a shoot, we were in a professional situation recording a Christmas video clip.

“Ita is horrified by this. She is embarrassed by it. She is a victim here and she has become the butt of jokes.”