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Dave Hughes' big regret about $3 million The Block house

Dave Hughes' big regret about $3 million The Block house

It caused quite the stir last year when comedian Dave “Hughesy” Hughes dropped a cool $3 million for Josh and Elyse’s house on Channel Nine’s The Block.

Back then he insisted the five-bedroom home in Elsternwick in southeast Melbourne was a “bargain” investment that would remain in the family for years.

However, the 47-year-old has since revealed to Stellar magazine on Sunday that the bank valued the property at “much less” than the eye-watering $3.067 million price tag.

“I went to get a bank loan the other day and they haven’t valued it the same as I paid for it, which is fine, but annoying because there were five bidders,” he told Stellar.

He said it was “enough less that it made me annoyed”.

“For f*ck’s sake ... I just think it’s good value and in a few years’ time people are going to be going, ‘Well, f*ck, didn’t he do well with it!’ I am playing the long game, all right? That is what I say to my wife, anyway.”

Hughesy paid $447,000 over Josh and Elyse’s reserve of $2.62 million for the luxurious house. The sale secured the young Block couple first place in the competition, giving them an extra $100,000 in prize money from Channel Nine.

But despite Hugesy’s regret, he may still recoup the cost he paid for the home as he recently disclosed that he had finally rented out the place for around $2,500-$3,000 per week.


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