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Channel 10 confirms it has "cancelled" this TV show

Channel 10 confirms it has "cancelled" this TV show

The new quiz show on Channel 10, Pointless, has failed to grab viewers’ attention, with Channel 10 deciding to axe the show before official ratings even came in.

While the show debuted with 493,000 metro viewers, media commentator Peter Ford told Hobart radio station MMM Hobart that people involved with the show were notified yesterday.

“Yesterday people involved with the show were told that it’s finishing.” Ford explained.

The game show involves 100 people being surveyed on a range of questions, just like in Family Feud. However, in Pointless, contestants have to pick the least known answer. If you know something no one knew, you don’t get any points at all, which is the aim of the game.

The game show was hosted by Dr Andrew Rochford and Mark Humphries.

Although the show is popular in the UK, with 19 seasons and still going strong, it wasn’t able to get the viewer ratings it needed to stay in the prime-time spot of 6pm.

Many viewers who were fans of the UK version of the show felt that the Australian version was too “rushed”.

However, those who are missing Grant Denyer and the laughs accompanied with Family Feud should keep their eyes out for a familiar face on their screens soon, as Ford mentioned that the show might be coming back.

“They are looking at options... now one of those options could even be to bring back Family Feud, they’ve got the set there ready to go," media commentator Ford told the MMM Hobart 107.3 radio hosts.

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