60 Minutes faces the fury: Karl Stefanovic’s segment on Meghan Markle sparks public pushback

60 Minutes faces the fury: Karl Stefanovic’s segment on Meghan Markle sparks public pushback

60 Minutes Australia has gotten the attention of a worldwide audience with their latest segment promo on the Duchess of Sussex. 

The piece has been slammed internationally for not only honing in on Duchess Meghan’s “bad PR” but the show’s decision to interview far right British commentator Katie Hopkins. 

The segment has not aired yet, however its promotional video has been the source of fury for thousands of people all over, with many labelling it as a “witch hunt” on the Duchess. 

The explosive 60 second video was released on Wednesday, and promised to delve into how the Duchess of Sussex’s PR is causing a “royal crisis”. 

The show captioned the highly controversial clip with: “#Megxit! How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle. From adored to insufferable in less than a year. 

“What went wrong for Meghan, and how it affects hubby Harry. SUNDAY on #60Mins: Inside a Royal crisis. Can the ghost of Princess Diana save a fairytale?”

Snippets of the episode include Karl Stefanovic interviewing British TV personalities Lizzie Cundy and Katie Hopkins. 

Stefanovic himself is no stranger to controversy, and his latest job has resulted in a flurry of criticism. 

One user wrote: Interesting that @karlstefanovic wore the same suit for 1 yr to prove a point about disparity between men & women.

“Now, he happily dwells in the gutter with Hopkins as she takes pot shots at Markle's wardrobe? He has zero credibility…”

“What on earth is this crap 60 Minutes? Is this a joke or parody? I certainly won’t be watching to find out. I’m so sick of the media’s disgusting treatment of Meghan Markle. Leave her alone,” another commented. 

An even harsher comment that cut right at the core read: “C'mon @karlstefanovic you're better than this crappy #60mins interview. 

“You wore the same suit for a year. Said things like 'women are judged harshly for what they do, what they say and what they wear'. 

“You were an advocate for us and now you're nothing but a tabloid journalist.”

While 60 Minutes and Stefanovic has been copping an intense lashing from all sides, Katie Hopkins seems to be soaking it all in, tweeting her trending in Australia was “not bad for a woman without a platform or media voice”. 

In the past, the former columnist for The Sun and Daily Mail has labelled Duchess Meghan as a “budget Princess Di”, but in the 60 Minutes promo, she appears to have a few vicious words for the royal. 

“Meghan Markle is the biggest hypocrite there is,” she told Stefanovic, and went on to describe the former actress as a “no one”.

She also said the Duchess was the “biggest b***h in Britain.”

“There she is in her one shoulder dress being ‘glowing’, because all she does is ‘glow’ … Abdicate. Off you go.”

The controversial episode will air on Sunday.