Thu, 14 Dec, 2017Melody Teh

The controversial moment you missed on Sunrise

The controversial moment you missed on Sunrise

Channel Seven David 'Kochie' Koch has been slammed for claiming “men work harder than women” on Sunrise yesterday morning.

Kochie — along with guests Jackie Franks, Kristie Mercer and Melissa Hoyer — was discussing new research which claims to prove that the “man flu” is real, when the conversation turned fiery.

'Science has proven that we get worn out because we work harder': Sunrise host Kochie SLAMMED by his female co-stars after he says men 'work harder than women' 

“It’s official, man flu is real. A Canadian researcher says males have a weaker immune system than women because we work so hard and are more likely to suffer complications,” the 61-year-old said during the segment.

“Do men demand more sympathy because women go to bed and get over it and men just keep moving and going on and working?”

Frank immediately shut down the suggestion, insisting that women were more likely to power through sickness.

“Women power through, men do not...what universe are you on?” she questioned.

Kochie added that men “rarely whinge and moan” about being sick, when Franks fired back: “There's a reason mother nature gave us the possibility to deliver children, because you men could never do it.”

“We soldier through everything and anything, 24/7,” Hoyer added. 

Controversial: The fiery clash came during the news feed segment, where Jackie, (L), journalist Melissa Hoyer, (R), and The Thinkergirls' Kristie Mercer (M) discussed the topic of 'man flu'

When Kochie tried to defend his point by claiming that the difference in life expectancy between men and women proves his point, his female colleagues were not having it.

“Science has proven that we get worn out because we work harder,” Kochie declared, but with a smile.

Samantha Armytage looked on in disbelief while presenter Natalie Barr appeared shocked. 

Frank pointed out that Kochie’s co-host Armytage actually gets up earlier than him to do hair and make-up before the show, but Kochie dismissed it: “She doesn’t need it.”

Despite not being part of the segment, Armytage weighed in with her disagreement.

 “Do you think our ratings would be as high if Nat [Barr] and I just came and sat on set looking all crappy in the morning?” she asked him.

“Just admit it Kochie, men are bigger whingers than women,” said Frank.

“Don’t yell. This is why we die younger!” he shot back.

But despite the on-air stoush, it seems that the Seven TV personalities didn’t take the disagreement too seriously.