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The cast of Get Smart – what they did next

The cast of Get Smart – what they did next

Today marks the 50th anniversary since the hilarious spy spoof show, Get Smart, aired on TV. From 1965 to 1970, the beloved series made us laugh as we followed the shenanigans of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. To celebrate the milestone, we find out what happened to the cast since the show sadly ended.

Don Adams aka Agent Maxwell Smart 

As the title character, Adams appeared in every episode of the show. He went on the act in various comedy shows and even provided the voice to another comical spy in the cartoon version of Inspector Gadget. He sadly passed away in 2005 from lymphoma and a lung infection at the age of 82.

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Barbara Feldon aka Agent 99

She played the much-needed foil to Smart: the competent, intelligent Agent 99 who always had the answers. Feldon made a number of TV appearances as well as starring in cult classic A Vacation in Hell after the series ended but soon left acting to focus on writing. She published a book in 2003.

Barbara Feldon

Edward Platt aka Chief

He played the head of spy agency, CONTROL, but after Get Smart ended Platt traded acting for producing. After suffering from untreated depression, he committed suicide in 1974 at the age of 58.


Robert Karvelas aka Larrabee

After playing the Chief’s dense and incompetent assistance, Karvelas continued to appear in small bit parts on TV before leaving the acting game in 1976. He died in 1991.


Bernie Kopell aka Siegfried

He was the main antagonist of the series as KAOS agent Siegfried and after Get Smart finished, Kopell went on to have an illustrious career in TV, notably playing Doc in The Love Boat. 

Bernie Kopell

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