Tue, 4 Sep, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Woman mocked for "selfish" funeral review

Woman mocked for "selfish" funeral review

A woman is facing backlash online after expressing her outrage over the food that was available at a family funeral.

The user, known as ‘Jan’, submitted a review to TripAdvisor where she expressed her outrage at not having any gluten-free options at Elmbank Hotel in England, where the funeral was held.

Despite calling the venue three days prior, the woman was disappointed to find there was no gluten-free bread, leaving her to “munch on some lifeless salad”.

She wrote: “I was told they don’t have gluten-free bread but if I wanted to take my own they’d make a sandwich for me!?”

“In this day and age, you’d think they‘d get their act together. It’s quite a common dietary requirement.”

She also slammed the hotel’s beverage service, saying she had to ask specifically for decaffeinated coffee.

Continuing her bitter rant, she wrote: “I had to sit there, at lunchtime, munching on a chicken drumstick and some lifeless salad. Next stop Tesco’s on the way past!”

The one-star review quickly received backlash, with some labelling Jan as “insensitive” and “selfish”.

She was also criticised for having no sympathy even though she is gluten-free by “preference”.

One user wrote: “Glad you saw fit to add the *by preference. I don’t know a coeliac who could be this insensitive, they know suffering and would never be so insensitive.”

One person wrote: “The genuine coeliacs I know would never complain about this sort of thing.”

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