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Spooky: Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo of Kate Langbroek?

Spooky: Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo of Kate Langbroek?

Kate Langbroek may be living the dream on her family “gap year” in Italy, but a recent snap seems to tell a different story.

The Hit Network radio host recently moved into an 800-year-old home in Bologna earlier this year and took to Instagram to share a selfie from one of its ancient rooms.

But shortly after, Kate’s followers noticed something unusual in the background … can you spot it?

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People who are following our family’s move to Italy may know of our waiting waiting waiting (Italian style) to move onto our permanent apartment - so when @davoandy and @tashprendergast blew into bologna, we took them on a tour to check on its progress. It’s in an old palazzo... some of it built in the 1300s, and there are three giant mirrors in the lounge, apparently from the 1700s. So much age. I said to Tash “I always think if I turn around really quickly, I’ll be able to see the past in this mirror...” So we were laughing, and decided to take a selfie to see if anything would appear. Look over my head. WTF is that??? Also, I hope if that white apparition is a ghost that it at least pitches in with the renos so we can finally move in.🙏 👻 #wescreamed #withlaughter #sixtakeitaly❤️🇮🇹💚 #possiblyseven #romewasntbuiltinaday

A post shared by Kate Langbroek (@katelangbroek) on Jun 23, 2019 at 9:34am PDT

It may look like any other selfie, but fans were quick to point out that a ghostly figure photobombed the image, resulting in an eerie background.

The spooky spirit wore a white cloak and had black circles for eyes. Alongside it stood a second, shorter creature covered in a black hood.

They were both shown in the dusty mirror behind the pair, gazing directly into the camera.

It was only when Kate went back to look at the photo that she noticed she was not alone.

“Look over my head … WTF is that???” she wrote in the caption.

“OMG is that for freaking real?!” commented one user.

Another person said, “There is definitely two [ghosts] … the figure closest to the window looks like a nun with rosary beads around her neck.”

One person commented: “I can see a statue of the Holy Mary.”