Scam alert: “Large volume of emails” pretending to be from Amazon

Scam alert: “Large volume of emails” pretending to be from Amazon

Large volumes of scam emails pretending to be from Amazon have been sent out and flooding inboxes across the country. 

Email security company MailGuard have alerted people to the scam by providing images of the scam emails.

“Your recent order on AMAZON.COM has been cancelled due to fraudulent activity detected,” the body of the email reads, before providing a link for the victim to click.

Other emails sent by the scammers say that a recent order was unable to be delivered due to a wrong address.

Once victims click on the “verify email” button in the message, hackers are able to get your private details.

“Once the link is clicked, users are redirected to a page that initially asks them to enter their username and password,” explained MailGuard.

“The site presents a message advising the recipient that Microsoft has detected suspicious activity on their computer.”

Mailguard said that the ultimate goal of the phishing/scare site is to “trick the user into entering their username and password”.

Amazon explained to 9News that they would never send unsolicited emails that ask to provide sensitive personal information.

“Go to Your Orders to see if there is an order that matches the details in the email. If it doesn't match an order in Your Account, the message isn't from Amazon,” the company explained.