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6 Netflix hacks you need to know

6 Netflix hacks you need to know

Netflix is the latest and greatest in media streaming technology, allowing you to access thousands of TV shows and movies online for only dollars a month. Using these tips, you can get the most out of your Netflix experience.

Use less data – If you’re planning on streaming from your phone or tablet using data, use less by logging into your Netflix account on your desktop browser. Go to Your Account>Playback Settings>Manage video quality. Change it to the lowest possible setting. Change it back the same way if you want to watch it from your TV.

Stop others from using your account – If you suspect someone else is using your Netflix account from their device, check by logging into your account. Go to Your Account>Viewing Activity>See recent account access. From there, you can go to Your Account>Sign out of all devices to sign out any other users, although it can take up to three days to work.

Change subtitle size – To make subtitles bigger or smaller, go to Your Account>Subtitle Appearance to change the size and colour of the text.

Let someone pick a show for you – If you can’t decide on what to watch, Flix Roulette gives you a random movie or show selection when you click “Spin” which you can narrow by rating, keywords, media type, actor and director.

Enhance your choices – If you watch Netflix on your computer, using the NEnhancer, for internet browser, Google Chrome, you can view IMDB movie profiles, trailers, and ratings on your Netflix. Just add the extension to your browser by clicking “ADD TO CHROME”. 

Use key board short cuts – If you’re watching Netflix on your computer, the following keyboard shortcuts are a godsend:

F = full screen

Shift + Left Arrow = rewind

Shift + Right Arrow = fast-forward

M = mute

Up arrow = volume up

Down arrow = volume down

Enter = play/pause

Page Up = play

Page down = pause

ESC = exit full screen

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