Heartwarming footage of Princess Anne's fumbly Zoom call with the Queen

Heartwarming footage of Princess Anne's fumbly Zoom call with the Queen

It appears that everyone is having trouble adapting to our new normal, including the Queen herself.

As the coronavirus pandemic has forced many to isolate, many have used Zoom to communicate with their loved ones.

However, it can be tricky to use, which the Queen quickly found out and her daughter Princess Anne had to guide her through it.

In a preview for a new ITV documentary about Princess Anne, which is airing in celebration of her 70th birthday, footage of a video conference is included with the Queen and Princess Anne herself.

"Can you see everybody? You should have six people on your screen," the Princess royal tells her mother.

The Queen, who was tuning in from Windsor Castle tells her: "Yes, well, I can see four anyway."

"Ok fair enough. Actually, you don't need me," Anne then jovially adds.

"You know what I look like."

The sweet clip was shared by ITV royal correspondent Chris Ship.

"Watch how Princess Anne tried to teach her elderly mother about @zoom_us. But her elderly mother is, err, the Queen," he joked.

Royal fans loved the new clip.

 "I want to see the Queen with an accidental tropical island backdrop," one joked.

Another fan wrote: "I love it! The whole world deals with zoom in the same way: 'Can you see me?' 'Can you hear me?' 'Am I on?' 'Is my background neat & tidy?' Love their humanity, their humility, and their graciousness."

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