Wed, 15 Aug, 2018Danielle McCarthy

Have you been stung by this dodgy Coles supermarket scam?

Have you been stung by this dodgy Coles supermarket scam?

Aussies are being warned about the latest scam that is stinging supermarket shoppers.

Coles shoppers have been sent a fake text message from the scammers, informing them that they have won $1000 credit cards.

The ‘winners’ were then instructed to claim their prize within 24 hours by handing over personal details.

With many customers confused by the legitimacy of the text messages, the Coles Facebook page has been bombarded with screenshots of the scam asking if the texts are from the supermarket.

“Hi Coles, I just got this message on my phone and it looks like a scam. Can you verify please?” wrote one person.

"Take it this is a scam? And no, I didn’t put it under Coles in my phone that came up all by itself,” another added.

Some savvy shoppers were able to see through the scam immediately by noticing various mistakes, such as the message being addressed to the wrong name.

“If only my name was Anita,” wrote Jody Cookson after receiving the message.

Coles posted on their Facebook page to remind customers to be “alert to potential scams via text messages, phone calls and emails".

“Many scams use our logo, pretend to be representatives of Coles and promote Coles Gift Cards or other gift cards in an attempt to appear legitimate,” a spokesperson for the supermarket wrote.

“Coles will never request personal or banking details in unsolicited communications and legitimate businesses or government agencies will never request payment in gift cards.”

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