Big 5G problem haunting the iPhone 11 launch

Big 5G problem haunting the iPhone 11 launch

As tech giant Apple unveiled three new iPhone models that promised faster performance, increased battery life and new camera technology, industry experts are warning consumers that the product is missing a key component.

That component is known as 5G.

The next generation mobile network has already been rolled out in Australian capital cities and it’s expected in other parts of the country in the next couple of years.

The lack of 5G is disappointing, according to Finders money expert Angus Kidman, as there’s a considerable price tag on the new iPhone 11 models.

“People always want their phone to be faster because we’ve rapidly gone from just making calls to watching video,” Mr Kidman told news.com.au.

“We want high speed connection and I think there’s an expectation that if you’re going to pay $1900 for a phone then you should get premium service from it and, in network terms, that’s not going to be the case.”

Past research has shown that Aussies tend to upgrade their phones once their two-year phone contract is up, but research from Finder shows that consumers are now holding onto their devices for more than three years.

“I’d be saying to anyone buying a new phone now make sure you get something that’s 5G capable because it’s going to give you better functionality for longer,” Mr Kidman said.

“Samsung was probably the first major brand to come out with 5G, there are some LG models out there as well.

“At the moment, very few people have a 5G phone but the expectation is that the next premium device you buy, you’d want 5G built into it.”

EFTM tech commentator Trevor Long has said that Apple have avoided 5G for a reason, which is simply that 5G hasn’t matured enough for the tech giant to consider adding it to their phones.

“It feels like that would be something Apple would want to avoid. They don’t want a disappointed customer buying a phone with a feature they simply can’t use,” Mr Long told news.com.au.

“It needs to mature more; we need to wait another year before 5G is getting a little better and that’s when it would make sense to have a 5G phone.”

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