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 Smoking hot Cassandra Thorburn’s Dancing With The Stars debut: “It was a failure”

 Smoking hot Cassandra Thorburn’s Dancing With The Stars debut: “It was a failure”

Cassandra Thorburn has received the lowest judges' score of the night on reality TV show Dancing With the Stars after what has been considered a difficult year for the ex-wife of Karl Stefanovic.

Australian-born dancer and judge, Craig Revel Horwood, had a few slicing words to say to Thorburn after fans praised her on social media for her ‘smoking’ dress and hair.

The judge, who has sat on the panel for UK’s Strictly Come Dancing, is known for his savage insults – and he didn’t hold back last night, critiquing a number of the Aussie celebs.

What started as all smiles when the 47-year-old came out on stage with her partner Marco De Angelis, quickly soured into a harsh verdict by the Australian judge.

“I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt happy,” Thorburn said after performing the waltz in a glimmering red gown.

Horwood however had a few harsh words.

“Well, it was all going well until the skirt was ripped off and you started to dance,” he said.

“Then quite frankly, it was a failure.”

Thorburn took the harsh verdict with grace, jokingly thanking the judge.

Viewers were taken aback last night by the judge's harsh comments and took to Twitter to convey their distaste.

Others also commented on the fitting red dress she wore.

However, Thorburn wasn’t the only one to receive savage criticism last night even after Horwood received boos from the audience.

He commented on The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges' dancing, comparing her swift movements to “two wooden legs".

And it didn't stop there.

“I thought a Ken doll would have danced with more fluidity to be honest … thank God you’re easy on the eye,” Horwood told lifesaver and model Jett Kenny, the son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny. He then went on to award him with a 2 out of 10 score.

Not even The Living Room’s Miguel Maestre could avoid brutal feedback from Horwood.

“You look like you just came out of a double hip replacement,” he commented.

Sadly, Thorburn ended up at the bottom of the ladder on Monday night, alongside cricketer Curtly Ambrose, both receiving a measly score of 10 out of 30.

Did you watching last night's debut episode of Dancing With The Stars? Did you think judge Craig was unfair with his comments and scoring? Let us know in the comments below.