New study shows that music videos are more important than ever before

New study shows that music videos are more important than ever before

Music videos have been on the scene since the introduction of MTV and have managed to survive and thrive in the tricky world of the music industry’s digital revolution.

Video host Vevo have a reported 3.9 million music video views on living room devices for the month of May, 2019, according to Digiday.

So, despite music video shows, such as Australia’s RAGE taking a downward dive, it’s clear that people are still watching videos in their living rooms.

The growth has come from the use of connected and smart televisions, such as Apple TV.

Vevo’s VP of sales strategy and partnerships Rob Christensen explains that while mobile and desktop views have grown steady, smart TV viewers have been the reason for the huge jump.

“Over the past 12 months, when you look at mobile and desktop, we’re up or down a few digits here and there,” he said.

“If you look at performance in terms of view count, connected TV has been the biggest growth factor for us across any screen. We have seen a 41% increase in the living room year-over-year.”

They have also explained that another factor for the bump includes that the availability and instantaneous nature of the search function. Apps and devices are now geared towards instant discovery and “search is in convergence with the living room”.