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Meet Cassandra Thorburn's sexy dance partner on Dancing With The Stars

Meet Cassandra Thorburn's sexy dance partner on Dancing With The Stars

Cassandra Thorburn has decided to live her best life and go on the 2019 reboot of Dancing With The Stars. The 47-year-old was announced as one of the contestants on the show last week, and has wasted no time in showing off her new dance partner.

Although Thorburn was hesitant about appearing on the show, she decided to do so for her late father.

"I decided to do it because it was one of the last conversations I had with my Dad before he passed away. It had been offered to me and at first I thought, no that's crazy. I couldn't possibly do that," she revealed.

"If you don't do something, an opportunity that you never thought would come up and if you said no… you will regret it one day. And I thought, 'OK so let's go for it'. Plus learning to dance, you know every girl would love to learn to dance. It is so lovely, what a skill."

Thorburn's dance partner on the reality TV show is a 24-year-old Italian man by the name of Marco De Angelis. De Angelis is a retired competitive dancer who has travelled the world for dance competitions.

Thorburn announced the partnership on her Instagram, with the caption, “I consider myself the wildcard in the DWTS cast… having an absolute ball… turns out dancing makes me happy!” and tagged the retired dancer.

De Angelis starred in a show called Burn The Floor, which is a show dubbed “the world’s toughest dance company” but finished up on the series in early January.

It looks like De Angelis is thrilled about appearing on the new season of Dancing With The Stars as show as well, as he took to his Instagram page to share the news.

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