How KISS are preparing to make their mark in Australia

How KISS are preparing to make their mark in Australia

Rocker band KISS are known for delighting their fans and when they head to Australia, it’s looking to be no exception.

They’re performing for a new audience in November: Great White sharks.

The band will be performing underwater to the sharks and eight lucky fans as they travel off the southern coast of Australia.

According to Fox News, the band will stay above board on one vessel and the fans will be lowered beneath the surface of the water from a second boat into the viewing sub.

The area that they’ll be lowered into is well known for shark activity, and the band will begin to play using underwater speakers.

The result? Sharks and submerged fans rocking out to KISS.

“Research has indicated that low-frequency and pulsed sounds can be attractive to some shark species. Interestingly, different animals (even within the same species) appear to respond to sounds differently,” said Dr Blake Chapman, of Australia Geographic.

“Sharks are among the world’s most misunderstood animals. It’s important for people to learn that sharks are worthy of respect and protection.”

The event will be taking place in the Indian Ocean off Port Lincoln in South Australia costs $50 and proceeds will be going to charity.

Not ones to disappoint, KISS will be in full makeup and costumes for the performance, which will be at least four songs.