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Why Love Actually is the ultimate Christmas movie

Why Love Actually is the ultimate Christmas movie

In November 2003, Richard Curtis' film Love Actually was released just in time for the festive season. 

Now, 18 years ago, the romantic Christmas film is an all-time classic and critical December viewing to get anyone in the yuletide mood.

While every year people debate the best Christmas movies, from classics like It's A Wonderful Life to newer films like The Grinch or Elf, Love Actually always comes out on top. 

This film sums up the feeling of Christmas in such an emotional, enjoyable and poignant way, that has audiences coming back at the end of each year to feel the festive spirit. 

Love Actually provides a string of memorable moments from multiple different story lines, that show people from all walks of life navigating their relationships. 

Along with the A-list casting, Richard Curtis' script brings the spirit of Christmas to the screen with loveable characters and an incredible soundtrack from composer Craig Armstrong. 

With iconic scenes such as Prime Minister Hugh Grant's celebratory dancing around 10 Downing Street, Colin Firth's proposal to Aurelia in broken Portuguese, Rowan Atkinson's ridiculously over the top wrapping of a gift for Alan Rickman, and Andrew Lincoln's silent admission of love to Keira Knightley, the loved-up film gives the audience moment after moment of entertainment. 

While the movie is filled with wholesome, cheery moments, the heartbreaks of Love Actually will have you reaching for a box of tissues, as you feel for the characters and their devastation. 

From Alan Rickman's betrayal of Emma Thompson, to Laura Linney's lost chance of love, these raw performances show that the festive season isn't always uplifting and heartfelt for everyone. 

The film continues to keep audiences engaged with its multi-storyline structure, that has everyone rooting for their favourite couple to get their happily ever after. 

In both the opening and closing scenes of the movie, the arrivals gate at Heathrow airport tells the story of togetherness during Christmastime, as loved ones embrace each other in a display of love.

The, albeit slightly cheesy, scenes show that during the festive season, the people closest to us is what's really important: each of us with our own story to tell. 

Which shows us that love actually is all around. 

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