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7 actors who refuse to watch their own films

7 actors who refuse to watch their own films

You know that feeling when you hear yourself on tape or in a home video and think, “is that really what I sound like?” Well, multiply that feeling by about a hundred and you might begin to understand what it’s like for our big screen favourites. After all, it’s one thing to cringe at a little recording of yourself talking, but imagine watching and listening to a 40-foot-tall version for two straight hours. We don’t think we could do it, and, as it turns out, some of the stars don’t either! Here are seven actors who refuse to watch their own movies.

1. Meryl Streep

She’s widely considered one of the best actors of our time, but the two-time Best Actress winner never re-watches her old films and in fact hasn’t seen any of them more than once. “I don’t do that,” she told People’s Choice.

2. Johnny Depp

Over the last few decades, Depp has racked up an impressive catalogue of 45 films as an actor (not to mention his countless TV appearances and production work). However, the Edward Scissorhands star believes a film is “none of my business” once it’s wrapped up. “I stay far away as I possibly can,” he told David Letterman in 2009. “I don’t like watching myself.”

3. Reese Witherspoon

The American sweetheart is yet another who avoids seeing herself on screen, telling Chelsea Lately it would make her “spiral into a state of self-hate”. “I don’t know who feels good looking at themselves,” she added. “Why would you want to watch yourself being stupid and pretending to be somebody else?”

4. Javier Bardem

The Spanish heartthrob is known for his mysterious yet sultry roles, but admits he can’t watch his own films without picking himself apart. “The fact that I like to make characters doesn’t mean I like to watch my characters being made, my performance,” he told GQ. “I can't even watch that f***ing nose, that f***ing voice, those ridiculous eyes. I can't handle that.”

5. Julianne Moore

Despite a surge of praise in the past decade for the Oscar-winning actress, Moore admitted to the Daily Express that she hasn’t seen any of her movies. “I can’t sit there for a premiere or anything,” she revealed. “I like being in the movie more than I like watching them.”

6. Joaquin Phoenix

The enigmatic star of Walk the Line and Her has only seen two of his movies, claiming he hates seeing himself on the big screen. “I don’t ever really want to see myself as the camera sees me,” he told Hollywood Outbreak. “Of course, there’s a part of you that’s curious for a second, and I have to constantly tell myself, ‘No.’ Because I know it’s not going to be of any value to me, and in fact it stands a greater chance of having a negative effect on future work.”

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