Joanita Wibowo


Why rereading the same book is good for you

Why rereading the same book is good for you

Ever found yourself picking up the same book again, even though you’ve read it cover to cover multiple times? Or do you go for the same TV show each night despite the fact that you have seen every episode? If you’ve ever wondered why it is so satisfying to revisit your favourite entertainment over and over again, there is an explanation for it.

According to a study published by the Journal of Consumer Research, the phenomenon of rereading books, rewatching movies and returning to your favourite spots in town could be referred to as “reconsumption”.

The researchers said: “Consumers gain richer and deeper insights into the reconsumption object itself but also an enhanced awareness of their own growth in understanding and appreciation through the lens of the reconsumption object.”

They concluded that repeated reconsumption is a way for people to express and affirm “their individual experience and its special meanings to them”.

Indeed, art and entertainment can have a lasting impact on people’s lives, even long after they were first brought into the world. This explains the appeal of nostalgia, where people would go back to old films, songs and books and see how they hold up after years have passed.

So instead of starting a new book, you may want to look back into your shelf and find an old title – chances are, you may spot some previously unseen details in your umpteenth read.