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Lisa Wilkinson sets the record straight on Logies "fight" with Karl Stefanovic

Lisa Wilkinson sets the record straight on Logies "fight" with Karl Stefanovic

Lisa Wilkinson has broken her silence on rumours that she had a "fight" with her fellow former Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic at the Logies awards last month.

On Sunday night’s episode of The Project, Wilkinson set the record straight on the reports after co-host Hamish Macdonald asked Wilkinson about the rumoured spat.

“So, what did you say to Karl on the red carpet?” Macdonald asked Wilkinson.

“I told him to go f**k himself,” she replied in jest.

Wilkinson later clarified that there was no terse exchange between her and Stefanovic.

“I was standing at the Woolies check-out the other night and there is a couple of those magazines reporting on the Logies,” the 59-year-old said.

“Apparently Karl and I had a fight on the red carpet, which is completely untrue.”

The response came following reports that Wilkinson and Stefanovic did not acknowledge each other on the red carpet.

“We don’t know the truth and all the magazines and websites do is they get bad photos of people and write a narrative around it and people click on it,” said Wilkinson. 

“Most people you talk to when they go on the sites read the magazines they say, ‘Of course, I don’t believe it, I’m just filling time’.”

Wilkinson co-hosted the Today show alongside Stefanovic for 10 years before she resigned in 2017 to join Ten Network’s The Project.

The Logies awards on June 30 marked Stefanovic’s first appearance on primetime TV since his departure from Nine’s breakfast TV show in December.

The 44-year-old host told Nine’s post-Logies brunch coverage that his removal from the program allowed him to “have a rest” after a period of “struggling”.

He said, “I think I was struggling towards the end of last year. It wasn’t a great surprise to me – in fact, it was a relief in many ways that I was taken off the Today show, because I just wasn’t at my best.”