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Ada Nicodemou reveals astonishing weight loss in bikini magazine cover

Ada Nicodemou reveals astonishing weight loss in bikini magazine cover

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has revealed the results of an eight-week diet and exercise plan that’s helped her become the fittest she’s ever been in her life.

The 41-year-old showed off her abs and lean physique in a bikini in the latest issue of  Who.

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The actress achieved her new figure by working out at least five times a week with boyfriend Adam Rigby and following a strict “Keto Diet” – which meant Nicodemou cut out carbs, fruit and alcohol and replaced them with meats, fats and vegetables.

Nicodemou had the Who shoot booked at the end of her health kick, and although she dropped 5kg to hit 47kg by the time she posed for the pictures, she didn’t focus on weight loss.

Her goal was to replace body fat with muscle for strength and toning.

“I’m so proud of myself,” she told Who

“I’ve got the best body I’ve ever had, but I’ve worked really hard and it wasn’t easy.”

On Instagram the star wrote: “A ton of hard work, self-discipline around diet and alcohol and belief can get you amazing results regardless of how old you are! A huge thank you to @fitmejones for going above and beyond and Adam for supporting me along the way, and sorry for being grumpy when I was tired and craving carbs.”

Now, that she has reached the end goal of her strict diet, Nicodemou admitted that she will relax her diet and adopt a 80/20 approach to treating herself.

“Life is to be enjoyed,” she told Who.

Nicodemou is mum to her 5-year-old son Johnas, with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas.

In 2014, the couple also suffered a stillbirth son, Harrison.

Now, Nicodemou is eighteen-months into her relationship with Rigby, she said she has “made a decision to be happy”.

“I’m choosing to enjoy my life a lot more.”