Mon, 9 Jul, 2018Danielle McCarthy

A ditty on the sad lament of the plastic bag

A ditty on the sad lament of the plastic bag

Over60 community writer Dawn Latham shares a little ditty she wrote about the demise of the humble shopping plastic bag.

Sad Lament of the Plastic Bag
I was introduced proud and plastic
A carry bag so convenient, bloody fantastic
Quickly accepted into the Aussie household
Reusable in many ways, wow, behold
From rubbish liners to travel packing
Lunch holders, toy carriers, nothing lacking
And so they started to breed, seized upon
Symbolic, simplistic, a true Aussie icon
Stashed away, always there
Reliable, dependent, not a care
But its demise was sadly looming
Environmentalists growing, booming
These bags are not biodegradable
Choking our waterways, unfathomable
Maiming and killing our wildlife
Cor blimey, we're in strife
Rethink, replace, it’s not too late
No more plastic bags for shopping, set the date
Aussies rallied, most in agreeance, ambient
Some annoyed, it’s bloody inconvenient
The plastic bag, once adored, now our past
Disappearing from cupboards everywhere, very fast
Replaced by material more acceptable for our planet
We will remember, REST IN PEACE, AMEN, DAMN IT!