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The royals have received 36,000 cards and letters in just ONE MONTH

The royals have received 36,000 cards and letters in just ONE MONTH

It has been a busy few months for the royal family, celebrating Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Prince Louis’ birth and Princess Charlotte’s birthday – all just a few weeks apart from each other.

To say thank you to all the 36,000 adoring fans who wrote to them, Kensington Palace has shared a photo of some of the sweetest handmade cards they received.

The photo also revealed the high volume of post that is sent to Kensington Palace for either the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children.

Kensington Palace wrote on Instagram: “Thank you everyone for the beautiful cards and letters following Princess Charlotte's third birthday, the birth of Prince Louis and the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We've received over 36,000 letters in the past month alone.”

The adorable hand-drawn cards were a hit on social media, with the most popular card showing Prince Harry with a bushy beard made from ginger yarn. Meghan was given a sweet flower crown along with flower earrings.

Instagram user lisaannkat wrote, “Omg look how super cute the pic is of the Duke and Duchess!”

User srinivasan_varsha said, “They're so beautiful. And that picture of Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan is an absoloutly delightful piece of art.”

A handmade card to Prince Louis is also seen in the photo, saying: “Welcome Prince Louis”.

A card for Princess Charlotte’s birthday showed a little girl poking out of the number “3”.

Members of the public can also send mail to Clarence House to contact Prince Charles and Camilla, and Buckingham Palace for the Queen and Prince Philip.