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Duchess Meghan’s handwriting reveals this about her personality

Duchess Meghan’s handwriting reveals this about her personality

Majority of people thought that there wouldn’t be a public sighting of Duchess Meghan until after she gave birth.

However, after the Christchurch Attacks, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry made a special trip to the Embassy of New Zealand in London.

This was to express their condolences about the incident. Prince Harry laid a bouquet of flowers and Meghan signed the condolence book.

Duchess Meghan wrote:

“Our deepest condolences. We are with you.”

The couple then signed both of their names and added the Maori word “arohanui”, which means “much love”.

Professional graphologist Tracey Trussell said that Duchess Meghan’s handwriting revealed more than people think.

She told

“She has a perfectionist streak and desire for beauty and the nice things in life."

Trussell then goes onto explain the insights into the Duchess’ personality that she’s able to pick up from her handwriting.

"She has the self-discipline to maintain the right profile in-keeping with Royal life.

“Nothing will stop her until she's satisfied her goal".

Trussell also analysed another sample of the Duchess’ handwriting when they were on a trip to Belfast last March.

“She wants to do good deeds in life.

“She’s determined in the way she goes about achieving her far-reaching ambitions.”

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